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92% of parents say their child is at or above grade level in math and reading. But the numbers tell a different story: only 36% and 33% of fourth-grade students are at or above NAEP Proficient in math and reading, respectively—a sharp decline from pre-pandemic.

Closing this gap requires not only innovation, but the growth of evidence-based models.

That’s why we’re here.

Anu Malipatil
Anu MalipatilVice President, Education

Anu Malipatil is the Foundation’s founding team member, bringing with her 20 years of K-12 education and nonprofit sector experience.

Letter from Our Vice President

I am thrilled to welcome you to Overdeck Family Foundation’s 2022 Grantmaking & Impact Report. Here, you will find a comprehensive overview of what our team accomplished this year, including data on our grantmaking and our grantees’ impact, as well as Bright Spots highlighting just some of the many exceptional organizations we are lucky to fund.

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By the Numbers

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Impact Overview


educators with opportunity for improved teaching practicesSydney GarciaMeet Sydney
families with opportunity for improved parenting practicesKaddie ZaborsMeet Kaddie
children with opportunity for accelerated academic and/or socioemotional achievementHabeeba YoussefMeet Habeeba
Sydney Garcia

Public Impact’s Opportunity Culture

Sydney GarciaTeacher in Ector County, TX

Being a multi-classroom leader (MCL) is the best of both worlds. I’m able to take on leadership tasks, but also be in the classroom and see the kids every single day. I get to see the growth and the light bulbs go off, and make those relationship connections. I feel like, as an MCL, you make a bigger impact than what you can on your own. You’re not the end-all-be-all of knowing it all. You are learning just as much from your team as they are from you.

Kaddie Zabors


Kaddie ZaborsParent

EiE Family Activities present problems in a real-world context that children can understand and relate to their own lives, which creates relevancy and motivation for learning. Family time is important and it’s special when parents and their children can learn together. My son Andrew and I had a lot of fun completing the ‘Pass the Peppers’ activity. I helped him get the supplies he needed and asked questions to clarify his thinking, but I didn’t do any of the planning, building, or improving for him. It was interesting to see him make improvements on his own during the Create stage.

Habeeba Youssef


Habeeba YoussefStudent

Whenever I heard about robotics or anything science-related, I always thought, ‘That’s cool but not for me. I’m not smart enough to do that.’ Being in FIRST, I realized that I am smart enough to do this. It doesn’t matter what background you come from. I always had it in me, I just never believed in myself to try. Through seeing what I created, I was able to say, ‘Wow, I did that.’


  • Early ImpactEarly Impact

    Early Impact

    Creating strong foundations for early learning.

    89% of children

    whose parents received text messages met or exceeded language development benchmarks relative to 71% in comparison group

    33-47% reduced risk

    of preterm birth

    1.6-2.8 months

    accelerated literacy growth on a report card index for students whose families do not share a home language with their child's teacher

    8 months

    of additional learning in predictive early literacy skills for children participating in SEEDS programs

    $80 million

    proposed child care investment in North Dakota by the state’s Governor

    133,900 parents

    and parent-facing professionals reached through new evidence-based parenting practices

    60% of participating children

    scored higher than average in a popular language/literacy assessment, compared to 23% of non-participating children

    50% reduction

    in language delays for children at 21 months old

    50% lower likelihood

    of developing mental health problems by second grade for children in ParentCorps-enhanced Pre-K, relative to children in traditional Pre-K

    5 communities

    co-creating plans with parents and pediatricians to integrate best practices for socioemotional development and early relational health into pediatric care

    80% of “high impact potential” ventures

    achieved impact and growth goals

    4.2 million children

    served through an evidence-based program that supports language, literacy, and early relational health

    19,000+ children

    across New York City reached by FUEL grantees in 2021-22

    2-3 month

    reading gain over five weeks for students in Springboard Collaborative programs

    15% decrease

    in student absenteeism for district schools using TalkingPoints versus those not using TalkingPoints

    47% more students

    scoring below grade level in literacy at the beginning of kindergarten meet end of the year grade-level expectations in Tools of the Mind classrooms, compared to matched classrooms

    91% of participants

    arrive to school kindergarten-ready

  • Exceptional EducatorsExceptional Educators

    Exceptional Educators

    Increasing the retention of expert educators in K-9.

    95% of graduates

    are more effective than their peers during their first year of teaching, according to their principals

    75% of team-based teachers

    report being satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs, compared to 66% in non-team-based models

    184 Catalyst Fellows

    trained in innovative strategy, equity, and instructional excellence, up from ~15 in previous years

    18% growth

    in third grade students reading on grade level when taught by Denver Public School educators who participated in CenterPoint’s customized, standards-aligned professional learning

    7 million students,

    454,000 teachers, and 14,000 schools reached by member chiefs

    72% of schools

    coached by CLEE had statistically significant learning gains for focal and peer student groups

    1,400 districts

    representing 15.8 million students use EdReports to make decisions about high-quality curriculum

    12 million students

    across 130 districts have benefited from ERS’s work on improving the teaching profession, a 78% Y/Y increase in district reach

    45 partner schools

    in Texas saw nearly double the rate of progress in proficiency in math and ELA, compared to the state average

    28% increase

    in the percentage of students scoring proficient or advanced in schools with educators who’ve participated in Leading Educators programming

    87% of participants

    made measurable progress in improving student achievement and other outcomes

    160 schools

    using real-time data to establish classroom conditions that accelerate learning

    0.8 years

    of additional ELA learning gain in one year for students in Opportunity Culture schools

    8,000+ teachers

    and 1,500+ school principals surveyed for an evidence base on usage of high-quality instructional materials

    2,700+ current and aspiring teachers

    and 2,100+ teacher leaders training in 17 cities nationwide

    36,000 visitors

    have viewed the Professional Learning Partner Guide, a 130% increase Y/Y

    3 sub-studies

    in anchor study will explore how educator exposure to a mindset intervention impacts curriculum-based professional learning across four organizations, four states, and nine districts

    85% of substitute teachers

    reported increased confidence in facilitating instruction after taking SubSchool courses

    44% of applicants

    identify as people of color, 1.5-2x more in comparison to teachers in the same region

    98% of corps members

    felt the preparation they received through a new hybrid summer training model was valuable in becoming a successful teacher

    20 Teach Plus teachers

    from across the country had 35 meetings with the U.S. Department of Education and congressional offices to discuss differentiated staffing and the Teachers LEAD Act

    46 percentage point increase

    in student proficiency rates on grade-level tasks among New Mexico middle school classrooms with Teaching Lab-educated teachers

    24 authored and/or co-signed letters

    to Congress or the Biden Administration in support of advancing or funding various Pre-K-12 policy goals

    13,000+ downloads

    of two learning acceleration reports in 2022

    93% of aspiring and early career teachers

    contribute to student progress and socioemotional skill growth, according to their principals

  • Innovative SchoolsInnovative Schools

    Innovative Schools

    Supporting student-centered learning environments.

    $66.5 million

    attracted to scale high-impact tutoring nationwide and conduct RCT to evaluate the impact on 30,000+ students

    300+ schools

    have shared information and received support in adopting innovative models

    2x learning gains

    in reading achievement delivered through CommonLit’s digital platform

    1,500+ educators

    across 140 school districts shared their experience implementing edtech tools in specific contexts

    2.4 weeks

    of reading progress on average for every week in the program, with similar achievement across racial and SES groups

    19% higher growth

    on standardized math tests on average, compared to projections, for students who practiced math 30 minutes per week on MAP Accelerator during SY 2020-21

    13 tools and 11 information briefs

    launched, including a database for high-impact tutoring programs, which was shared at a first-annual tutoring conference for educators, state, and district leaders

    72% of students

    made above-average to well-above-average growth in literacy skills

    71% gain

    in writing skills over the course of one year for students who complete Quill's intervention

    7 out of 12 partners

    with student outcome data showed promising correlational evidence of positive academic impact

    1 year

    of additional math learning for students participating in Saga tutoring, as well as better grades and reduced math and non-math course failures

    80 schools

    launched and improved, which will serve 35,000+ students across Northern California

    82% of teachers

    indicate an increase in student engagement after using ST Math

    69 partner schools

    serving 77,000+ students have implemented blended learning practices

    23,000+ hours

    of free tutoring and college counseling provided to low-income students

    60 leaders

    at 15 schools accepted into Valor’s competency-based model cohort

    2x learning gains

    in math achieved by students who consistently use Zearn, compared to students using core math HQIM alone

  • Inspired MindsInspired Minds

    Inspired Minds

    Inspiring young minds through out-of-school STEM opportunities.

    $27 million

    in additional funding across five states in the past year, expanding access to high-quality afterschool STEM programs for 25,000 students

    92% of students

    report improved math confidence and 83% report improved understanding

    110 million people

    engaged in science and technology experiences through nearly 500 science centers and museums around the world

    6% median student growth

    on assessment of math problem-solving skills relative to national comparison


    average gain in math proficiency over BellXcel’s summer program

    5,000+ underserved students

    in SY 2021-22 completed five or more lessons or daily challenges

    37 million annual views

    and plays for new Cyberchase episodes and games

    90% of participants

    agreed they learned more about what engineers do

    2.2x greater likelihood

    than comparison group that participants report a stronger STEM identity eight years later

    92% of educators

    said students improved problem-solving skills and application of math and science to real-world problems

    4 new sites

    began planning for science program implementation, bringing the total to 15 sites nationwide

    $950,000 of cash prizes

    available to interventions that aim to significantly improve middle school student achievement in science

    37% gains

    in math fluency for students participating in NBA Math Hoops, relative to 16% among comparison group

    52% increase

    in student enrollment in 2022

    30,000 subscribers

    to newsletter promoting the power of family math activities in achieving equity and academic success within the context of school, family, and community engagement

    89% of students

    increased their creative problem-solving skills after participating in Camp Invention

    10,000 students

    attended field trips online, in person, and in school in 2022

    14% increase

    in parent confidence about math after participating in Family Math workshops

    7% more students

    met or exceeded Star Math benchmarks after participating in PowerMyLearning

    87% of participants

    said being in Science Action Club makes them more excited to learn science in school

    92% of educators

    said that students further developed critical thinking skills, and 95% said students learned something new about science

  • New JerseyNew Jersey

    New Jersey

    Helping children in New Jersey unlock their potential.

    107 students

    received scholarships to participate in virtual and in-person Center for Talented Youth programs

    60 students

    participated in a tuition-free, summer residential program for high-achieving high school juniors who have an interest in STEM

    78,000+ students and educators

    reached through STEM education programs in FY 2022

    29 teachers

    developed deeper mathematical thinking and refined pedagogical approaches, bringing newfound expertise to students and colleagues in 21 districts across New Jersey

    50,000+ students

    reached through six STEM Ecosystems and NJ STEM Month, which provide access to hands-on STEM learning experiences and create deeper awareness of STEM careers and opportunities in New Jersey

    25% average increase

    in math scores for K-5 students participating in the program

    2-3 student teachers

    receive annual financial support to pursue their teaching certifications and offer quality STEM instruction to 100+ students in their districts

    38,000 students

    reached through Students 2 Science’s virtual and in-person STEM lab programs

    1,800+ hours

    of technical assistance provided to home-based family child care providers and childcare center hubs to enhance organizational practices and improve overall quality of care

    3 preschools and 1 elementary school

    in New Jersey incorporating Montessori practices to increase the quality of early childhood education

Bright Spots

  • Unlocking InnovationUnlocking Innovation

    Unlocking Innovation

    Funding for organizations to develop and launch a new approach, intervention, or model that addresses an unmet need.


    early stage organizations funded


    prototypes generated

    Meet the Grantees
  • Unlocking EvidenceUnlocking Evidence

    Unlocking Evidence

    Funding to advance field knowledge or validate program models through comprehensive studies and research.


    knowledge and research studies completed


    grantees increased ESSA tier

    Meet the Grantees
  • Unlocking GrowthUnlocking Growth

    Unlocking Growth

    Funding for organizations to scale, as measured by increased earned revenue and reach, improved capacities, and follow-on funding.


    grantees increased reach


    grantees increased earned revenue

    Meet the Grantees

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